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About Us

About Our Company:

Accounting Tim & Co works with small businesses and individual owners, helping them to comply with legal acquiescence, providing business advices to achieve their business goals.

We have experience with CIS construction Industry Scheme workers and are happy to deal with your affairs whatever you are self-employed or with limited company or under new IR35 scheme.

Our Financial Support:

·Accounting services for individuals / partners and accounting for companies including PAYE, CIS and VAT.

·Closing of the financial year Self-Assessment Tax Return.

·Accounting for previous years. Cancellation of the old return tax if necessary and Cancellation of fines by appeal to arrive with up-to-date accounting.

·Refund of CIS Tax Refund for those who work as subcontractors in construction.

·Registration of Company Ltd at Companies House.

Self Employed / Partnership / PAYE / VAT / Subcontractor registration

Additional Offerings:

·Applications for family benefits for the company's clients with up-to-date accounting.

·Intermediation of registration for the right to stay and work in UK Settlement & Pre settlement, Information on UK Visas.

·Intermediation of the purchase of mortgage houses for the company's clients with up-to-date accounting.

·European funds for opening a business in Romania for small and medium enterprises or for those who return to live in Romania and are the company's clients.

·Accommodation and job for the company's clients.

We have accountants to advise in English, Romanian, Russian and Polish.

Get in touch with us, in London, for more information about our accountants.